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The Best Quality Piano Lessons in Miami

Shoshana Samole Zisk

As a direct piano student descendent of Beethoven and Franz Liszt, I offer elite piano lessons to select families in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and South Miami.

My piano lessons are for children ages six and up who desire to learn piano. I also specialize in lessons for adults who want deepen their knowledge of music, working toward self mastery.

I can help you learn any genre of music and lay the foundation for proper technique and music theory.

  • Beginners learn proper hand positions, proper technique, how to read and write music, how to produce a great sound, and how to perform.
  • Advanced piano students learn to refine their technique and develop artistry and musicality.
  • You will learn to play the music YOU love.

My teaching lineage:

I began studying piano at the University of Miami with Dr. Rosalina Sackstein at the age of 10, when I was just in 3rd grade at Pinecrest Elementary School.  For school, I attended the Southwood Middle School magnet arts program, New World School of the Arts for piano, and the University of Miami School of Music, earning my bachelor in Classical Piano Performance in 1993.

In 1801, Beethoven tutored 10-year-old Carl Czerny on the piano. Czerny, an Austrian composer, then taught composer Franz Liszt, who did the same for Martin Krause. The German concert pianist Krause, in turn, tutored Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau in 1911, who was my teacher, Dr. Rosalina Sackstein’s, teacher and mentor.

I spent over 20 years absorbing and learning the piano techniques of these great masters, and passed along to me carefully over many years by word-of-mouth.  Even though I’ve enjoyed a successful career practicing law, I can no longer live with the thought that I may take my years of special knowledge to my grave.  I am know sharing my knowledge with music lovers in my community, to pass the knowledge of classical piano performance on to the next generation.

Lesson Structure

I will use a variety of techniques to keep your child excited, engaged, and learning.  Lessons will be customized for your child’s goals and temperament, and will include:

  • Music Theory
  • Exercises
  • Performance Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Ear Training

TUITION: $80 / hour – 4 lessons per month, billed monthly.

AVAILABILITY: Only 10 students will be accepted for the 2019 – 2020 school year

RECITAL: Your child will have the opportunity to show off their progress for friends and family at our Winter and Summer Performance at the end of each school semester.